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Summit V

North America Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit VI

Briefing Materials

Eliminating HIV Health Disparities: Is Housing the Key to Ending the AIDS Crisis?



Convened by:
The National AIDS Housing Coalition
Ontario HIV Treatment Network
U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development
In collaboration with:
Department of Health, Behaviour and Society - John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine
Community-Campus Partnerships for Health
Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública - National Institute of Public Health



These online briefing materials are a compilation of resources that the Summit convening organizations and presenters suggest are relevant to the issues discussed at Summit VI in September 2011. The materials include: Summit Series policy tools; a searchable bibliography of recent peer-reviewed journal articles; reports on housing and health prepared by governmental and non-governmental organizations; and information on web resources of interest to housing and HIV/AIDS researchers, policy makers, providers and consumers.


 The final Summit VI Agendas, PowerPoint presentations and poster abstracts are available on the Program page.


Table of Contents


I.              Summit Series Fact Sheets setting out research findings related to housing & HIV

HIV/AIDS housing:

·         Breaking the link between homelessness and HIV

·         Preventing HIV transmission

·         Improving health outcomes

·         A sound investment of public resources


II.            A searchable bibliography of peer-reviewed journal articles related to HIV/AIDS and housing. This database of over 300 recent articles can be searched by key word and filtered by Topic, Population and/or Region. Search results can be ordered by title, first author and year of publication. Details for each article include: abstract, full citation and web links to the full text for articles available open source.


III.          Reports on housing and health prepared by governmental and non-governmental orgnaizations, organized alphabetically by author or source (including a summary of contents and web link to the full text of each report).


IV.          Web Resources of interest to housing and HIV/AIDS researchers, policy makers, providers and consumers, including global, national, regional and local organizations working on housing and health.


·         NAHC Online Resources

·         OHTN Online Resources

·         Research

·         Policy

·         National Organizations: United States

·         National Organizations: Canada

·         Local and Regional Organizations: United States

·         Local and Regional Organizations: Ontario, Canada

·         International Organizations


Materials assembled by Shubert Botein Policy Associates, Anne Bozack and Samira Ali

Designed by Mark Fisher and Jason Helbig of the OHTN


All materials from the Summit will be public information. NAHC and OHTN are solely responsible for the accuracy of the statements, opinions, and interpretations contained in these materials. Such statements, opinions, and interpretations do not necessarily reflect the views of the Government or the views of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

If you have any questions, please contact the Summit Coordinator summit@ohtn.on.ca or 416 642 6486 ext. 2238